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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Of gorse!

Spring might be a bit slow this year but I know we are on the way when the gorse comes into flower

We have a lot of it growing around here and while for most of the year it is doesn't attract much attention, when it comes into flower it really adds a wonderful splash of colour.

What's more it smells of coconut, making it feel positively tropical around here!!! ...mmm!

These are also showing up! The way they push up through the grass makes them almost seem like something from an alien planet! They remind me of one of my favourite quilts by Frieda Anderson.
I call them Lords and Ladies but I know they have lots of names.

This is already to be stitched. Just need to find the time.
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  1. Yellow flowers are my favorites, even dandellions, that is to look at them. Your end of the world looks so gorgeous, no wonder you get inspired by nature!

  2. Gorse can make a real show, when is a lot of it like in your picture.
    But I don't know about spring, it is so cold again!

  3. Beautiful countryside. Love how you shaded the seagull, gives it more detail and depth.


  4. Natures creations are great, but yours is even better!!!!

  5. Those colors are so deep in the second photo, it reminds me of fall in the Rockies! Beautiful colors. I love the feel of your seagull as well.

  6. I've never heard or seen gorse, (of course) because here in Vermont it doesn't grow but it is lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    Your seagull drew me in to visit immediately. Love it!

  7. Love the blue squares in the background of the seagull. Hope you show us how it looks after it is stitched.

  8. I've never seen gorse in bloom. So pretty! I can't wait to see the quilting you end up doing with your seagull. I think it will be lovely.

  9. I also like the gulls background fabric and the gull! waiting to see how you quilt this piece,
    my pink pluemria is in bloom and it smells like coconut as well, smells like summer.
    I came by way of Nina

  10. Love your photos and can't wait to see how you quilt the seagull!

  11. Lovely post and the background for your gull is wonderful!


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