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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

....And More..Day 19

I don't usually go into so much detail, but there might be some of you out there who are interested to see the extent of the work that goes into City and Guilds. ( And I am suffering from a bit of Blogtoberfest fatigue, but I am determined to see it through and post everyday this month!) 

Yesterday I displayed some of the pages in my sketchbook, and here today is the accompanying "paperwork" that I had to present with the Prayer Flag Shawl.

References to my design source, and inspiration for the design.

A description of materials used.

Exploration of available stitches.

Descriptions of the methods employed.

.....and a bit more of the same....


  1. I actually love seeing into this design process. It's so alien to my own, but I adore it! (Cuz my design process is usually a scribble on a sticky note that I stick in my notebook and sometimes, a [really] rough sketch on a full sheet of paper in said book. You know it's important to me then. lol!)

    Anyway - a woman in my quilting art group (actually, strangely, you may know her as she's part of the big UK contemporary quilters guild - Jennie Wood); blah, blah, she does this too. I LOVE seeing her design books and I LOVE seeing yours too!

    Keep sharing!

    (and hold the faith - we're more than halfway through!) :)

  2. I have to say I'm really enjoying your Blogtoberfest and learning more about your work and your process. Did you enjoy the City & Guild course? I have been thinking about it several times, but have yet to talk to someone who actually finished the course. I know the Kemshall duo teach online classes which would be a good option, but I am unsure it's worth the time and effort - and money.

  3. A Nosey Parker's dream come true thank you very much!!


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