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Monday, 31 October 2011

Final Day!! Blogtoberfest Day 31!

I did it! I posted every day in October! It is arguable that there was quantity rather than quality but it has certainly helped to kickstart my creativity after what has been a difficult summer.
Hell, it has been a difficult year, all things told. Not that I am complaining . I count my blessings. But anyone creative out there will know how it doesn't take much to get in the way of the Muse and the motivation.
So a big THANK YOU to tinnie girl for putting this on.

I didn't get everything that I planned finished but I can live with that if you can.

So carrying on from yesterday, here is a prayer flag made from that cut up quilt.


This flag is for Sanctuary. My home is slowly getting back to being my sanctuary.
I pray for Sanctuary to everyone out there that needs it.

This will be going up on the Prayer Flag blog as soon as I get a couple more done.

See you Soon!


  1. That one's lovely too - and really speaks to my own journey to safe harbour. Love the colours, the shapes, love it!

    Thanks for a great month! :)

  2. Lovely 'final day' post. Hope that your home remains your sanctuary for a very long time now!!

  3. well done for posting each day - that's a feat in itself. enjoy your sanctuary - your prayer flag will be an insightful reminder when things aren't looking too clear. outstanding!


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