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Monday, 17 October 2011

The Prayer Flag Project.

I am thrilled to I have been asked by Vivika Denegre to become a contributer to The Prayer Flag Project.
I followed Vivika, as she made a flag a day through the month of June, culminating in her setting up of this project, with it's own blog and flickr group, inviting others to join in and make some flags.
Today is my first post over on the blog and I hope you will take a look. 
Here, I would like to show the inspiration for my first flags.

Some time ago using some hand dyed fabric, I made my own flags and left them out in the garden to weather.
There was a reason for doing this. At the time I was taking a City and Guilds course in Machine Embroidery and I was working on a Tibetan inspired sketchbook.

I had to produce an accessory for this part of the course and this is my Prayer Flag shawl.

Looking a bit like a flag I think.

Here is a close up of the tassles, that have the yellow flag fabric in them.

Over the next days I will share some pics from the sketchbook and take a further look at the design process for the shawl and the prayer flags. I hope you will join me.


  1. Love the shawl!

    Went over to check out your post - I'll my prayers to yours for protection. (!)

  2. Your flags are wonderful! I was a part of Vivika's project back in June but never got around to posting my pictures at Flickr. The first ones I made summer 2010 are still hanging in our back yard - with the ones from this summer which I promised I would take down...


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