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Saturday, 8 October 2011


.....I am in a bit of a sulk. I thought I would be spending the day at a Quilter's Guild meeting, listening to a talk given by Mary Jenkins and seeing all the lovely things that she gave a sneak peak at in this post.
However 13 year old son had to be somewhere in the other direction to where I wanted to go, at one o'clock, which as I am sure you will know is slap bang in the middle of the day, leaving little room for manouvering, and as as I was the only one available today.......

The up side is that I have managed to finish one of the Blue Shore pieces, and on a stop off at the historic town of Llantwitt Major on the way home, I treated myself to one of my favourite magazines, and also found, in a dusty corner, three pots of embossing powder on sale.

Got a black, silver and gold.
I am not 100% sure how to use them, but I do know you need a heat gun which I have, so I am looking forward to a play with these.

(I also share a mutual friend with Mary Jenkins, and I will be seeing her next week. Maybe I can get her to arrange my own private viewing if I ask nicely.)


  1. What is is they say? Every cloud has a silver lining? or something like that...
    Still a shame you have missed it :)

  2. I love how the piece came out, really stunning piece and love the simplicity.


  3. that piece is just gorgeous - love it.

    ref the embossing powder - stamp an image on card using a normal stamp pad or a versamark pad (from craft stores), sprinkle your powder over the top (before the ink dries - and have a piece of paper underneath your work so you can pour the excess back into the bottle), then heat gun away until the powder melts - voila!

  4. Fantastic stitching! I cannot even imagine how long it takes you to stitch a piece like this.

  5. I had a hint that it will be beautiful , but "how" beautiful I didn't guess.
    I love it....makes me think at walk in the evening on the and the birds...clouds and waves....silent. Oh, how much I miss that!

  6. Love the quilt. Not just me whose days go wrong then! My morning has been spent chasing around getting an emergency dental appoint,met for my 11 year old!

  7. Very Nice sea scape! There is so much stitching that it actually looks woven on a loom!


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