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Monday, 3 October 2011

This Blogtoberfest thing works........

.....because I probably wouldn't have bothered to show you this, as it is very similar to this, just a bigger version.

Still using up the leftover scraps from this, which I haven't got around to quilting yet, even though I have everything including the binding ready to go.

As you can see this is a cover, that I have finally got around to making for the Kindle that I was given for my birthday back in March! I get things done eventually.

P.S. Photos taken in bright, bright sunshine as our mini October heatwave continues!


  1. I am so glad you chose to share it, it is beautiful! The subtle colours and the textures from the quilting stitches complement each other so well.
    I could use one of these and I have the perfect bunch of scraps lying at my desk as I write this...

  2. Oh my gosh Deborah - I'm so glad you DID show it to us, because it's sooooo beautiful!

    It actually made my heart happy to look at it, so thank you.


  3. I love how that looks. I am collecting my husbands old jeans and some cords too, so a scrap quilt will be in the works this year.


  4. Oh lovely - just my colours

  5. Now I'm even more happy that you are participating in blogtober ;-)) because I like it a LOT!

  6. I think it's great. Fab colours :)

  7. Deborah,this is gorgeous. love the quilting in it!


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