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Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Trip Out.

The ICHF Hobby craft show came to Cardiff this weekend and here is Jackie who is our region 12 Chairwoman doing a wonderful job drumming up interest for the Quilters Guild and all things quilt related.

There was a display of some of the Welsh Babes from the challenge I set last year.

With a few more entries such as this from Gwen who used the National Emblem of Wales as her Welsh Babe.

I managed to drag my husband along as the In the Spotlight exhibition is travelling with the show.
Yes, I have a piece that is travelling the country, get me!

Although my bubble was burst a bit when I discovered that it had been hung outside the exhibit at the far end of the hall facing the back wall!
However, the girls on the QG stand were making sure to direct people to it and I consoled myself with the thought that when people sat, with their packed lunches, on the chairs that had been placed around the perimeter it was my quilt they would be seeing!
Next stop Glasgow!


  1. I think your quilt looks beautiful on the wall, I really do love that one and I am sure others who see, do as well.


  2. I just appreciate another look at your quilt. Love the daffodils too. Thanks for the peek at the show.

  3. Loved seeing glimpses of the show and your beautiful work. :)

  4. I would say that you had a captive audience in "packed lunches", it is probably the longest time one would look at any quilt, LOL.
    I for one would be more then happy to be gazing at such beauty, how relaxing :)

  5. Every bad thing has a positive face ;). I'm more than sure that your quilt was the most admired...mouthful or not ;).


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